T h r e e   H u n d r e d  S i x t y   D e g r e e s

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"The distinguishing quality of the 360-degree panorama occurs when
it is laid out as a flat print before the viewer. It presents the unique
circumstance where the environment completely surrounding a
single point of view can be confronted directly."

"I'm compelled to consider 360-degree photography from the perspective
of left and right, to have the imagery by pressing it into two dimensions, like
a page of type. I know it isn't fragmented or disassociated, yet the
space exists conceptually unrecognizable."

"The spatial and tonal relationships in landscape photography of this
magnitude are tremendous. Quite literally there is more that meets the eye."

In 1978, I received a B.S. degree with High Honors having worked my
way through the The Rochester Institute of Technology. Here, working
with Andrew Davidhazy I learned the fundamentals of slit-scan
photography and built my first cirkut camera.