The Cirkut or slit-scanning-panorama camera rotates around a circle to
record a scene quite literally unrolling before it. And the 360-degree print
presents that view completely, prompting its viewer to imagine the world in
every direction using this flat piece of paper.
     How difficult is it to consider the world around you and remain at its
center? We are trained at the earliest age to notice what is directly in front
of us. We learn to exclude the extraneous, accentuate the meritorious and
choose sides. Some are able to focus further to either side and with greater
depth but connecting to a world all around us seems impossible. We mentally
construct a world bound by left, right, top and bottom, like a viewing screen
and consider our world from that vantage point.
     Go ahead, if you haven't already. Find one direction in the photograph to
locate the others and then move into the image becoming part of it, in
relationship to each and every direction it displays. What you are looking
at is a world that you're at the center of, a scene that rests along all sides of
you and never ends.