I was born October 4th, 1951 in Seattle, Washington. At eleven I began
making photographs. I was fascinated with the notion of capturing streams
of light in silver. My first photographs were at night, from a bridge over the
highway, where I would make time exposures of the lights from automobiles
passing beneath me and eagerly return home to process my 620 film and
make contacts in the basement bathroom of my parent's home.
     In 1978, I received a B.S. degree with High Honors having worked my
way through the The Rochester Institute of Technology. I studied a variety
of discipline-specific applications in photographic instrumentation in
addition to an extensive program set forth by the School of Photographic
Arts and Sciences. There, working with Andrew Davidhazy, I learned the
fundamentals of slit-scan photography and built my first cirkut camera.
Over the past 25 years I've worked extensively with scanning cameras.
     I currently devote the majority of my efforts in this field, creating
360-degree photographs of the land and producing them.